Roof anchor points

Permanent XSPlatforms anchor points can be used as a series of stand-alone anchor points and are a cost-effective way to ensure safe tie off at height. Multiple anchors are spread out on the roof surface to provide safe roof access. Users must wear a full-body harness and lanyard so they can secure themselves to the anchor. We recommend using a connection device or lanyard that includes a Personal Energy Absorber (PEA).

A Free-standing anchor point can be combined with a temporary horizontal anchor line to allow more freedom of movement for the user. The temporary lifeline can increase the area a worker can reach while staying safely attached.

An XSPlatforms anchor point can also be combined with a lifeline system to prevent swing falls / the pendulum effect.

anchor point
anchor points short installation time

Short installation time

Anchor points, such as the XSGlobe, are permanently installed onto the roof surface of a building. An XSPlatforms anchor point consists of an anchor, a base plate and an attachment point or anchorage eye. Our different base plates enable creating of anchor points on almost all kinds of roofs. On top of this, our anchor points can be installed incredibly quickly. Do you want more information about the short installation times on anchors? Contact us directly or request a brochure.

Anchor points for wall and overhead structures

Additionally XSPlatforms also offers a small range of anchor points that can be installed on wall or overhead structures. These anchors can be mounted on concrete, brick and steel surfaces. Most of our safety eyes can be installed with just 1 or 2 drilling holes.

Are you interested in more information about wall or overhead structures? Check out our wall and overhead pages.


XSGlobe and baseplate


The XSGlobe safety eye can rotate 360°. This anchor point can be used as a single anchor point or as an anti-pendulum anchor combined with a horizontal lifeline system or other type of single anchor point.

RAP globe system by XSPlatforms

RAP Globe

The RAP Globe can also rotate 360°. Additionally this anchor point can be used for rope access/abseiling thanks to the swivel in the anchor.

Rap globe seam roofs


The RAP, short for Rotating Anchor Point, is an additional anchor point that can be installed on an existing anchor point of a horizontal lifeline system. With its 360 degree rotation this attachment point can be used for various purposes, such as rope access duties.


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