Work at height on a narrow ledge

Overhead lifeline systems are ideal for industrial environments and locations such as warehouses and loading bays. When secured to the overhead lifeline system users can safely work at height on a ledge, narrow surface or other high object. An overhead system can be attached to a ceiling.

XSPlatforms offers a complete range of solutions for engineered overhead lifeline systems that can be mounted on steel beams and/or concrete surfaces.

Overhead Lifeline systems

We develop fall protection solutions on the basis that every project is unique, and thus requires a unique solution. Therefore we created our fall protection systems in a modular fashion. Different components can be combined to create a solution based on your project or locations requirements.

The modular build-up of the XSPlatforms horizontal lifeline systems make it easy to create a solution for almost every overhead solution. Due to the flexible build-up of our anchor points both the XSLinked, our single-lifeline, and the LinkedPro, our multi-lifeline, are available as overhead solutions that can be mounted on various surfaces.

Additionally we developed a special beam clamp for steel beams, so it isn’t necessary to drill holes in them.

overhead lifeline systems
LinkedPro overhead system

Requirements for an overhead system

The requirements for an overhead system can differ per project. The fall height (or fall clearance), the surface the system is mounted to, the number of users and the (local) standards and regulations all influence the systems application. This is why our overhead lifeline systems are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Offering maximum safety

To provide even more protection the XSPlatforms horizontal lifeline systems can be equipped with an XSPoint. This special entry (and exit) point that ensures that the systems runner (XSSlider) cannot be disconnected from the lifeline at a random location along the trajectory.

For extra mobility an XSSlider Overhead Pro can be used in combination with the XSPoint. This special overhead runner allows users to work at an angle of up to 40° under the ceiling system.


Linkedpro multiple users overhead


An overhead LinkedPro system consists of two lifelines, so workers can pass each other without disconnecting. A maximum of four users can attach to the system simultaneously.

Ceiling overhead system


Our single-lifeline solution for overhead mounting. This system can be used by a maximum number of two users at the same time.


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