For maximum freedom of movement

Multi-Span Lifeline

XSPlatforms fall protection makes working at height as safe as can be. Our solutions are easy to use and provide users with ultimate freedom of movement.

Safety is at the heart of our company. It is therefore undesirable to have a system that requires workers to disconnect from, for example, a lifeline in order to pass other workers while working at height. Therefore we developed the LinkedPro engineered horizontal lifeline system, with multiple trajectories, that allows users to work together while provided with maximum freedom of movement.

The XSPlatforms LinkedPro system can be installed on roofs, walls, ceilings or various types of overhead structures. Two to six users can use the system simultaneously.


LinkedPro system for 2- 6 users

An XSPlatforms LinkedPro system can be build up with up to three lifelines per anchor. Each worker attaches to a different lifeline trajectory as to not be hindered by other workers. Because everyone uses their own track they will not have to detach from the system to pass one another. This makes the LinkedPro one of the most practical lifeline systems on the market. The system is exceedingly suitable for situations in which multiple workers need to work efficiently together and need freedom of movement to execute their own work.

Parallel Lifeline

Our LinkedPro is the only engineered horizontal lifeline system with multiple lifelines (wire-ropes) on one anchor point, which brings about some practical advantages. With the LinkedPro you can create different, color marked paths for the individual lifeline tracks.

The LinkedPro system can be used to assist in rescue if the system’s anchors are equipped with extra RAP attachment points. Between the RAP anchors a temporary lifeline can be installed to help in the rescue of a fallen worker.


triple lifeline work at height


wall mount engineered system


overhead linkedpro system work at height



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