Wall mounted lifeline systems

Lifelines mounted on a wall allow users to work at height safely in many different situations and industries. Examples are a ledge in an industrial plant, above machinery or along the walls of a (cruise) ship.

With a runner connected to a lanyard and the user’s harness, it is possible for a user to move along the lifeline trajectory safely. The XSSlider runs effortlessly over the anchor points, such as intermediates and corner brackets. This allows the user free movement along the lifeline track.

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Single or Multi-lifeline systems

XSPlatforms is the first manufacturer in the world to offer wall lifeline systems which allow multiple users to work together on a narrow surface at height. The systems never compromise workers safety. Our LinkedPro multi-lifeline solution allows users to pass each other without disconnecting from the lifeline system.

When a single worker has to use the fall protection system we can install the top-quality single-lifeline solution, XSLinked.

Custom Engineered lifeline systems

We offer a complete range of safe and durable lifelines. Our custom engineered lifeline systems can be mounted on concrete wall surfaces, at variable mounting heights.

Every building (or facade) is different and has its own challenges. That’s why we designs systems that are unique to each projects needs and requirements. Our drawing department creates a unique solution for every project.

Personal protection

Additional components can help make the system even safer to use. The XSPoint and XSSlider Pro, for example, make it impossible for an user to detach the runner from the lifeline system in an “unsafe” zone. The XSDynamic, on the other hand, absorbs forces generated by a fall and protects both the structure that the lifeline is mounted to as well as the user of the system whose fall was arrested.

Easy installation

The requirements for a wall or facade mounted lifeline system depend on a number of circumstances, for example, the available fall clearance, the surface on which the system needs to be installed, the intended use of the system and the applicable (local) rules and regulations.

The modular build-up of the XSPlatforms lifeline systems facilitate a safe and durable installation on different kinds of steel, concrete or brick surfaces.


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A wall mounted LinkedPro consists of two lifelines. Workers can use different tracks so they can pass each other without disconnecting.

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Our single-lifeline solution for wall. A maximum of two users can use this system simultaneously, for more users we advise installing a LinkedPro.


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