Custom fall protection solutions

Our in-house engineering department allows us to design and develop completely custom-made solutions, with our customer’s requirements and environmental variables as the starting point.

Whatever challenge we are faced with, we develop a suitable solution for your project that complies with local and federal safety standards.

OSHA Approved solutions

The modular composition of our fall protection solutions ensures that, for most cases, a suitable system can be put together. However, sometimes a work at height situation poses a challenge that cannot be overcome by the products in our range; they require a custom solution.

XSPlatforms designs custom-made innovative fall protection solutions for your particular situation. Our engineers can design special components or adjustments, that allow us to provide solutions for any situation. All our custom solutions are tested and OSHA approved.

Custom fall protection for a Spanish castle in Toledo, Spain

BMU integrated into the building. Marina Towers, Australia

Custom facade access solutions (BMU’s)

The wishes of our customers are a top priority. We want to provide a custom facade access solution for the most unique buildings. No two buildings are the same. Therefore, all of our Building Maintenance Units are custom build. That’s why each project comes with its own challenges and dimensions. As an experienced manufacturer we provide solutions that surpass even the highest expectations. We also ensure that our solutions have no negative impact on the aesthetics of a building.

Give us unique challenges and let us come up with innovative ways of working safely at height. This is where we shine. With our experience, knowledge and drive for innovation we can provide solutions others cannot.


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