Location: Ashburn (VA)
Partner: Pharr Better Solutions
Number of units:  10 XSLinked horizontal lifeline systems (★★★)

The Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia is part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and was constructed in 2006. The research campus comprises over 689 acres (2.79 km2) of campus grounds and houses a 900 foot (270 meter) long arc-shaped laboratory, known as the Landscape Building, designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, as its main feature. The Janelia research scientists address the technological challenges in biomedical research.

On campus grounds, and especially around the laboratories, safety always goes first. So, also when working at height, individuals need to be protected against any type of risk or danger. XSPlatforms was contracted directly by Janelia but teamed up with one of its partners, Pharr Better Solutions, for the installation of the safety measures.

In order to cover all potential fall hazards that workers may face, we designed a layout of 10 different horizontal lifeline systems consisting out of engineered components, such as the XSBending kit and XSDynamic. These lifelines account for a total of approximately 1014 feet (309 meters) of steel wire-rope which ensures workers can be safely connected during the course of their work.

The systems include a set of 2 XSGlobe single anchor points to serve as anti-pendulum anchors in order to protect workers against swing fall hazards.


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