Location: Boston (MA)
Partner: American Anchor
Number of units:  XSGuardrails

American Anchor, a longtime XSPlatforms Partner, has recently completed another install for Harvard University. This multi-level roof had no edge protection and was clearly a hazard for workers servicing rooftop equipment.

The client looked at a number of solutions. The aesthetics of the fall protection solution was an important consideration since the roof was highly visible for people looking out the windows from the surrounding buildings of the complex. For this reason, the client opted for freestanding aluminum XSGuardrails.

The XSPlatforms guardrails turn each roof level into a safe zone entirely. Users use a ladder to move from one roof level to the next. The American Anchor team has provided many fall protection solutions for Harvard University buildings. In this instance, the design of the XSGuardrails was the decisive factor.


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