Our goal is to serve forward-looking clients around the world with superior safety solutions and world class service. We aim to warrant the sustainable growth of XSPlatforms by building successful long-term relationships with all our clients, Partners and employees.

XSPlatforms to be recognized as the world’s number 1 brand for safe work at height – a specialist that is known for its ability to surpass client expectations and to facilitate the job in any situation.

We have many great projects to showcase our experience and knowledge in the work at height branch.

roof lifeline systems
Fall protection connector


We believe that we can make work at height safer.

XSPlatforms works towards a world where those responsible for safety at heights are aware of the dangers, and have everything they need to preclude the risk of falling.

In our vision, the safety of a work environment at great height should be self-evident.



The XSPhilosophy, the standard of XSPlatforms, is very important to us – it is reflected in all layers of our organization and it is observed by everyone who carries our brand. The following core values define the way we do business – they govern all our actions and decisions, both as individuals and as a company:

In our vision, the safety of a work environment at great height should be self-evident.

Safety Above All

People working at height should be able to rely on our equipment. We are the first company in our industry to be certified by the TÜV quality institute to perform CE testing on our solutions. All our products are tested according to the highest international safety standards, and we are proud to hold a zero-accident track record.


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